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Individual Therapy

Are you feeling run down from systems of oppression? As a social justice therapist I specialize in burnout, trauma and vicarious trauma. I also support people experiencing depression, anxiety and grief.  We'll work towards building love, alignment and trust from within. You deserve to feel better.

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Couples Therapy

Are you tired of having the same argument with your partner?  Do you want to feel more connection and care in your relationship? I can guide you and your partner towards understanding each other better, identifying feelings and needs that often remain under the surface of conflict.  A connecting relationship is possible.

Therapy for Young Adults

Are you a young adult that feels worried or confused about your future?  Maybe there is a young adult in your life who you think is struggling with a life change, self esteem, depression or grief?  I have experience providing therapy to youth ages 16-25.  I provide a safe and caring space to work through fears, sadness, identity, confusion, social pressures and family changes.

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