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How I Work

I blend somatic practices and mindfulness skills while holding a relational and attachment framework.

In sessions this means we'll bring awareness to your emotions, thoughts, body sensations and movements.  Without judgement we bring curiosity to these components and allow this information to move you towards increased well-being.  We'll draw out beliefs that may be holding you back and allow for a more empowered self.  We'll increase your understanding of self and identify new relational habits that align with your desired growth. 

In my clinical perspectives I strive to undo anti-blackness, white supremacy, patriarchy, heteronormativity, capitalism and systems of oppression.  I am committed to the healing and growth of people of color, and white allies, in hopes of advancing racial and economic justice for our collective liberation.

Qualifications & Trainings

Master of Social Work, University of Washington 

Spiritual Justice Immersion Program, Piedmont Yoga

Overcoming Trauma through Yoga, Piedmont Yoga 

Women's Therapy Center, Advanced Training Program

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Level 1: Trauma Themes

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